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William Trudell

William Trudell on the Walkerton Water Disaster

“The cavalcade to Walkerton was surreal. My client and I in one car, the psychiatrist I had referred him to in another, my co-counsel, the amazing Joe Di Luca, in a third. With great trepidation, we made our way to a pre-organized meeting and press conference in the church parking lot. We stopped midway and met up with the exceptional Pastor Beth who comforted and prayed with Stan and his wife, Carole, as they continued on the last portion of the drive. It was indescribable. The Walkerton Police knew we were coming. I had reached out to them for professional guidance and to address security issues. Here were the local police taking an incredibly decent approach to a man many were accusing of terrible crimes. But he was, in a way, one of their own. We parked the car a block from the church, now a media circus, and took a couple of timid steps towards our press conference.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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