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William Smart

William Smart on “The Rest of the Story” – Vancouver

“The RCMP had conducted a further investigation of Mr. Brewer. Their investigation included a sophisticated undercover technique known as a “Mr. Big” operation. The operation is expensive, time consuming, and controversial, but often very effective. It is reserved for the most serious of cases – usually murder investigations – where the police have a prime suspect but insufficient evidence to proceed to charge. It begins with undercover officers targeting the suspect and luring him into a fictitious criminal organization of their own making. Overtime, the undercover officers gain the suspect’s confidence and often their friendship, and he is shown that working with the organization can provide significant financial rewards. Eventually, firmly ensured, he is told that to be fully admitted into the organization, the crime boss — Mr. Big — must approve his membership. This leads to a meeting between the suspect and Mr. Big. Mr. Big is, of course, another undercover police officer. During the meeting, Mr. Big brings up the crime the police are investigating, questions the suspect about it, and presses him for a confession. The questioning is designed to send the message that by confessing to the crime, the suspect will gain admission into the organization. In fact, it will lead to him being arrested and charged. … This was the technique the RCMP employed during their renewed investigation, and it was successful.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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