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Peter Martin

Peter Martin on Man’s Inhumanity – Calgary

“I have often been asked how having to deal with such horrible crimes has affected me. I usually answer that by the time we as lawyers are exposed to such crimes, we have dealt with less serious offences of violence so when we become involved in murder cases, we have become somewhat desensitized. I think that is true for most cases – even most murders. But there are some, like these, which are so barbaric and cruel, that they mark everyone involved. The poet John Dunne wrote that, ‘Every man’s death diminishes me.’ That may be so, but killings like these have an even more profound affect. I think that to varying degrees, after being exposed to such inhumanity most people are never the same again. Of all the judges, lawyers and police officers I know who have dealt with such cases, I know of only one man who in my opinion has remained untouched by them.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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