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Hersh Wolch

Hersh Wolch on a Young Prosecutor’s Trial by Fire

“She subsequently made additional, but clearly conflicting and contradictory, “exculpatory statements” in which she confirmed the abuse, but added that she had taken one of the rifles, decided to commit suicide but prior to doing so she went to kiss the sleeping Mr. Pascoe goodbye. She stated that as she walked towards him, the gun went off accidently and killed him. She had been in a daze and her five-year-old child started to cry. Ms. Piché put the rifle back in its place, telephoned her mother and went over there to spend the night. Absent the shooting of the husband, seeking shelter with her mother is something she had done on a number of unfortunate occurrences in the relationship. Medical evidence as to time of death and evidence from the taxi driver who conveyed her to her mother’s place all worked against her original exculpatory statement that she was not there when the gun went off.

“I instructed that a murder charge be preferred against Ruth Thelma Piché, charging her with the murder of Leslie Pascoe.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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