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Earl Levy

Earl Levy on The Shoeshine Boy Murders

“Shortly thereafter, Betesh and Kribs realized they could not let Emanuel go, so they decided to kill him. Kribs however, having previously held boys captive, at first wanted to take the boy away with him to Vancouver. After deciding to kill Emanuel, Betesh first tried strangling him to death, using an elastic cord he had taken previously from the back of a bicycle in the apartment. Kribs and Woods were present when the attempt was made. Gruener was allegedly guarding the door from the hallway. Woods locked the downstairs door. Betesh could not complete the strangling. He and Kribs then carried Emanuel, who was now in a semi-conscious state, from the bedroom to the kitchen where they held his head in the water until he asphyxiated. Betesh then took three dollars from the dead boy’s pocket, giving Kribs a dollar.

“Woods and Kribs wrapped Emanuel’s body in garbage bags and they decided to conceal the body in the building until darkness fell that night so they wouldn’t be seen digging a grave. With Betesh’s help, they put the body in the rear stairwell leading to the back laneway.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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