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Brian Beresh

Brian Beresh on The Defence of Larry Fisher – Edmonton

“After it became publicly known that I had agreed to represent Larry Fisher’s interests, I recall that a number of my colleagues and judges privately suggested that taking this case would not benefit my career. I reflected on those observations as many of them came from individuals for whom I had a lot of respect.

“Their view was that Mr. Fisher’s lengthy sex offence record, and David Milgaard’s exoneration, clearly placed the cloak of guilt on Mr. Fisher’s head and that this case was a loser. They sincerely believed that defending this case was not a “career builder.” I disagreed as I saw the modus operandi in the Gail Miller death as being distinctly different from Mr. Fisher’s former crimes. In addition, it struck me that for all the time we spend publicly declaring that the rights of every citizen must be protected, I would be a hypocrite to refuse Mr. Fisher’s case for the reasons they suggested.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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