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Milt Harradence

Milt Harradence: The Western Flair

In Milt Harradence: The Western Flair, C.D. Evans perpetuates the legend of his flamboyant, larger-than-life colleague with whom he shared thrills, spills, brilliant courtroom spars — and close friendship — for over thirty years. According to Evans, “Yes, there are many fine criminal lawyers but next to Milt we’re all a bunch of soda jerks. He was the Einstein of barristers and the rest of us mere Neanderthals.”
In addition to painting a portrait of his friend, mentor and benefactor, in the book C.D. Evans also provides revealing insights into the practice, the events and the characters of the Alberta Criminal Bar.

Price: $30.00 (Canada and USA), Publication Date: 2002; 334 pages; 16 pages of colour photos
Designed and edited by Lori Shyba
ISBN: 0-9689754-0-2