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Matthew’s Passion

Matthew’s Passion
by C.D. Evans

Matthew’s Passion is the story of Matthew Merganser, fledgling legal eaglet who is not about to genuflect to his profession, nor to his morose and pompous principal, Wormy. With a view to cash in on a Canadian craze, Matthew flatters his wheelchair-bound friend Ernest Sirhan Rappi to traverse Canada coast-to-coast. The personalities involved, the complications and perversities of the dubious enterprise, the sub-and counter-plots, all are ideal foul ingredients for a sordid stew laced with tincture of lampoon.

Matthew’s odd odyssey zigzags from the marble walls of the Calgary lavatory to the ignominious launch at Signal Hill, lurches along interminable stretches of torrid Canadian asphalt, dips down across the border into Montana, and culminates in the tin toilet of a modest trailer at Dead Man’s Flats. This mobile lunatic asylum is tracked by geeky journalists in rent-a- wrecks, adulated by GarbageCan corporate sponsor sycophants, actuated by the spirit of the resurgent Napoleon Bonaparte, saluted by U.S. Marshals and investigated by the perfervid RCMP. At which point, things go off the rails, including the wheelchair.

The author C.D.Evans is a well known Calgary defence lawyer who has achieved some notoriety for his numerous newsmaking criminal trials. Having, over his almost forty years of professional practice, been here and there and done most of that, Evans now spends most of his time at his reclusive mountain hideout, locked in a room with a bottle of single malt, a blunt pencil and brown wrapping paper, writing, writing, writing. According to Evans, “The writer is a witness who has a duty to set down with an unflinching candour the follies, foibles and fopperies of the human race, to note the pathetic ironies and the occasional accidental act of nobility, in short, to document the human condition. This requires solitude, the aforesaid bottle of malt, a clear and ruthless sight, and a firm resolve without regard to public opinion, fashion, or squeamishness.” Public opprobrium is a matter to Evans of the most complete indifference.

This novella is by no means autobiographical, but it is fair to say that Merganser and Evans have in common a healthy disrespect for authority and share the urge to heave a dead cat into the noon meeting of the Downtown Rotary Club. Matthew’s Passion is blunt in language, politically incorrect, outspoken, irreverent, and brimful of both great good humour and sour mirth.

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