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5000 Dead Ducks

5000 Dead Ducks is a masterfully crafted satire weaving together two of the hottest topics in Alberta (or Alberia) today: provincial politics and the oilsands.” Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald

Calgary, Alberta — Christopher D. Evans QC, author of the best-seller A Painful Duty: 40 Years at the Criminal Bar, and Lorene M. Shyba PhD, innovator of Spies in the Oilsands, announce the release of their new novel, 5000 Dead Ducks: Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands. 

Set in the near future, this savage satire is about how a group of unscrupulous lawyers seize the Alberia Government and scheme a disastrous takeover of the Oilsands. To bankroll their enterprise, they have no problem gaining the financial backing and the muscle of seriously rich oil barons – all of whom have egregious motivations including, of course, Money and Power.

The book kicks off with the discovery by environmentalists of 5000 Dead Ducks in PetroFubar Energy’s tailing ponds. In the course of ducking the international public outcry that ensues, cold-blooded executives, evil separatists, lesbian and other lovers, FarEastern and Montexian entrepreneurs and a megalomaniacal criminal lawyer scheme, screw, and march to the hypnotic rhythms of fascism.

Says Evans: “There is so much at stake and in contention in this province we had to see the humour of what’s happening here.” Says Shyba: C.D. Evans and I have collaborated on three books to date and it was a natural progression to share authorship of this novel because we were ready to combine our creative energies.”

Published by Durance Vile Publications, the book is scheduled for release in November 2011. Chapters are available for review and the authors are available for interviews.

ISBN 978-0-9689754-4-2 Illustrations by Maxwell Théroux | Read Chapter One Excerpt


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