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Eyepiece Photos & Excerpt

Excerpts from Eyepiece

From “Foreword” by The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson

26th Governor General of Canada (1999-2005). 

“Over a period of nearly twenty years, Vic and I worked closely together. I can say that he was one of my most valued comrade-in-arms. Television and film are collaborative efforts, and if everyone working on them is an artist, the result can be sensational. I had a number of sensational moments. Vic Sarin was always a part of them.”

From Chapter 2, “Early Television Days at CBC”

What I learned from working on The National and other CBC news programs was foundational to my career. Whether I was working with Bill Cunningham, David Halton, Terry Hargreaves, Trina McQueen, Joe Schlesinger or any other of the outstanding news professionals, technically I was able to shoot whatever I wanted to – nobody told me what to do. I was totally on my own as a cameraman, getting the visuals to communicate the essence of the story.

From Chapter 7, “Ripple Effects”

Coming from cinematography into directing, I am very aware of the emotional connection between the camera and the actor. From behind the camera, I want the honesty of the actor on an emotional level because I rely very heavily on the visual sense of films rather than the dialogue. Most actors go the other way because they start with the dialogue. For me, it is what the actor does, not what he or she says.

From Chapter 12, “Looking Forward”

One thing I feel very happy about is that I found Canada and Canada took me in. Canada is probably the best country in the world; not only because I have enough to eat and can stay warm, but because I am given the sense of freedom to do what I want to do.

Pictures from the book.

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