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Art Survival

Shadow Hymns

SHADOW HYMNS Photography by Austin Andrews

Shadow Hymns is an exploration of photojournalism and foreign correspondence by filmmaker Austin Andrews. READ MORE

Trade Paper, $29.95 | E-book $16.95
ISBN 978-1-988824-06-2 | 48 Pages | Release, November 1, 2017


RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space
RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space
Eds: Jim Parker, Lorene Shyba, Rich Theroux

RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space is a book that goes along with the UpRoute Space Program missions exploring the role of art and space. READ MORE

Trade Paper, $29.95 | E-book $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-988824-04-8  | 32 Pages | Release, October 1, 2017


05CoverStop Making Art and Die
Survival Activities for Artists
By Rich Théroux

by Rich Theroux | Read the Calgary Herald Review | Read Swerve Article


Far beyond a mere colouring book, Stop Making Art and Die: Survival Activities for Artists is the first adult activity book that makes it impossible not to succeed and flourish as an artist. Written and illustrated by Gorilla House and Rumble House founder Rich Théroux, the book gets you not only drawing, colouring, and designing, but immerses you into the meaning and wellbeing of art. The brilliantly creative Théroux also relates a story of artists overcoming struggles and obstacles to build an artists’ Bohemia that is destroyed time and again, leaving only masterpieces in its wake.

Stop Making Art and Die is available from UpRoute Bright Books With Bite, an imprint of Durvile Publications Ltd.
$24.95 Canada $22.95 USA. ISBN: 978-0-9947352-2-5 | 208 Pages | Size: 8.25 x 10.75 inches