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Tough Crimes, Excerpt #1

EXCERPT #1 from
TOUGH CRIMES: True Cases from Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers


Richard Peck on Air India “Over the course of the Air India case, the volume of disclosure that we obtained was nothing short of astounding.  The original ninety-three binders of ‘The Case for the Crown’ and the master file, which, with manila file folders standing on edge, occupied 182 linear feet of shelf space.  In truth, these two batches of disclosure formed only a small part of the material that we ultimately obtained and reviewed.  As we encountered areas where we recognized that further undisclosed materials existed, we made further disclosure requests.  Much of the additional material came to us in the form of CD-ROMs ….   This material, coupled with RCMP and CSIS wiretap binders, 42-shelf-feet of 4-inch wide, 3-ring binders when taken together, came in at several million pages.  In short, this avalanche of material came close to overwhelming us. After the case was over, I asked [for] an estimate of the size of the disclosure material if everything was converted to hard copy.  His calculation was that the total disclosure would amount to in excess of 5,500 thick, 3-ring binders!”

Edited by C.D. Evans and Lorene Shyba
Release Date: November 13, 2014 | ISBN: 978-0-9689754-6-6 | Paperback $29.95

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