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5000 Dead Ducks

A Novel About Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands

5000 Dead Ducks is a masterfully crafted satire weaving together two of the hottest topics in Alberta (or Alberia) today: provincial politics and the oilsands.”  Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald

“5000 Dead Ducks may be a satire, a fever dream of sorts, but its message is clear: When it comes to the oilsands, the stakes are so high that anything is possible.”  Gillian Steward, Toronto Star

Christopher D. Evans QC, author of the best-seller A Painful Duty: 40 Years at the Criminal Bar, and Lorene M. Shyba PhD, innovator of Spies in the Oilsands, are proud to present their new novel, 5000 Dead Ducks: Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands.  

More about the book | Read Chapter One Excerpt | Pictures from the Launch Party | YOUTUBE Video

The book is available to purchase or to order from  THESE BOOKSTORES.

ISBN 978-0-9689754-4-2 Illustrations by Maxwell Théroux. See Gallery of Illustrations.

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